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🌊 Fidelity's Firehose | Hong Kong ETFs Next Week!

Your Daily Bitcoin Flows update, from Apollo

Welcome back to your daily update on institutional Bitcoin flows.

Now entering the flow state…🌊🌊🌊


FBTC stormed back into the lead yesterday, with inflows of 1100 BTC (USD $78m).

🥈 Blackrock

IBIT buying slowed yesterday, taking in only 480 BTC (USD $34m). Meanwhile BlackRock's Head of Active ETFs was on TV talking about growing investor appetite for Bitcoin.

🥱 Grayscale

GBTC outflows slowed alllll the way down to 250 BTC (USD $19m). Grayscale CEO might actually be telling the truth about ‘reaching equilibrium’.

🧮 Total

Overall we got back in the right direction yesterday, with a net inflow of 1785 BTC (USD $126m)

Banks Are Getting Bags

Yesterday saw a bunch of companies reporting ownership of bitcoin ETFs to the SEC in ‘13F’ filings, including a variety of wealth managers and family offices ranging in assets under management from $200m to $10B.

Most notable is perhaps American National Bank, with a small holding of Ark, which is nonetheless significant for breaking the seal on banks buying ETFs.