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  • Nate Silver published his model forecasting the 2024 US Presidential results. Currently has Trump at a 65% chance to win.

  • Joachim Klement explains why Q2/Q3 quarterly results should be taken with a grain of salt, as they’re typically less truthful than either the first or fourth quarters’.

  • State Street announced that they’ll be partnering with Galaxy Digital to “bring investors the next generation of digital asset based strategies.”

  • Roger Huang has a detailed look at the connections between anti-Bitcoin politicians, and specific China-affiliated donors and influencers.

  • Susan Dziubinski breaks down the top 10 stocks that fund managers have been selling over the past few months.

  • Willy Woo explains that Bitcoin bears are “still in control”, but that BTC is probably a bit oversold at the moment.

Whales down, Sharks up, and Shrimps nibbling.

Mixed day on Wall Street. The de facto ETFs (MSTR, SMLR) were down, and the miners were a bit all over the place. MARA was about even, and they announced they’ll be ‘diversifying’ their operations by mining something non-Bitcoin: a proof-of-work coin called Kaspa, launched in 2021.


FBTC was on top again yesterday, with inflows of 305 BTC ($18.6m).


GBTC (yes, GBTC) had the second most inflows on Wednesday, with a most gain of 70 BTC ($4.3m).


ARKB was the only source of outflows yesterday. They lost 80 BTC ($4.9m).

🧮 Total

That’s a bit more like it. Second overall inflow day in a row, this time for 350 BTC ($21.4m).

IBIT was a net zero again, which somewhat strangely makes it four trading days in a row of no flows for BlackRock.

And Van Eck also chimed in with inflows of 56 BTC ($3.4m).

Yet more evidence that Bitcoin and digital assets fall on one side of a giant gaping generational divide.

A survey from Bank of America compares the attitudes of younger versus older investors, with respect to several different asset classes.

The question was, “Where do you see the most potential for growth?”

28% of the younger cohort (age 21-43) see crypto as having high growth potential, whereas only 4% of the older group (44+) say the same.

Those are the Flows this Wednesday.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Julian Fahrer

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